May 18, 2020
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Branch Personal Loans

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Branch Personal Loans is an ideal loan for anyone who is looking for practicality, speed and security.

It is possible to borrow from N 1,000 to N 200,000, which must be repaid within 4 to 64 weeks. The rates are quite interesting too! The monthly rate, for example, can range from 1% to 21%.

For the application, just download the app available on Google Play and fill out a simple form. The technology developed by Branch lets you know if you are eligible for the loan through analysis of information from your smartphone, such as GPS Data, repayment history and contact lists.

Learn more about Branch Personal Loans below and start taking the step that can change your life and your family!


Rates – Branch Personal Loans

The fees for Branch Personal Loans are as follows:

– 1% to 21% – Monthly Interest

– 14% to 28% of Interest Range

– 15% to 260% of Equivalent APR

– No late fees are charged


The application – Branch Personal Loans

The application for Branch Personal Loans is very simple and fast. First, you need to download the app that is available on Google Play. Then you will need to fill out a form with personal information and submit it for analysis. After this, apply for the loan and receive it in your bank account. Incredible and very fast!


What documents and requirements are needed? – Branch Personal Loans

Branch has developed an algorithm technology that is able to check how much a person can get credit through information from their smartphone. Very different, is not it?

It will analyze some information of your cell phone so that the application is carried out successfully, such as: cell phone details, sms logs, repayment history, GPS data and contact lists.


Advantages – Branch Personal Loans

If you are interested in Branch Personal Loans, prepare yourself because you will be even more impressed by the advantages that are offered by them. Check them out and change your life today!

The whole process has a focus on transparency and trust

– It is a safe and recognized

– Highly competitive rates

– Flexible Terms

– Fixed Rate Payment

– Easy and very fast Application.

– Only some of your phone information is verified


Branch – Some details about it

Branch’s goal is to provide quality loans for mobile generation. To get an even better idea, they have created an algorithm approach to determine what an individual’s creditworthiness is through the customers’ smartphones. These loans requires trust and transparency, while being fair and secure.

In numbers, Branch has:

– More than 3 million customers

– More than 15 million in loans issued

– Over $ 350 million in disbursed dollars


Useful Information – Branch Personal Loans

Branch Personal Loans


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