Feb 17, 2020
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Fint Loans – Borrow between ₦20,000 – ₦ 1.000.000,00 

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Quick Loans Online Loans FINT is an objective and practical loan without many bureaucracies or headaches. The goal is to combine lenders with qualified borrowers.

It is possible to borrow from N 20,000.00 to 1,000,000.00, which must be paid monthly within 3, 6 or 12 months.

It is an interesting loan for those who prefer not to do it through bank.



The fees vary and are according to the risk profile of the person. To find out which one is yours, you need to do a FINT risk assessment. It is this score that will set the interest rate that will be paid.

It is very important to note that not all loan applications are accepted and that the score is what indicates whether the borrower is qualified for the loan or not.


The application

The application should be done online and the process is very simple and practical, believe me! There are only 4 steps for the loan to be disbursed, which are:

  • Apply and take the risk test so that you can know what your risk score is
  • Accept the terms and conditions and also the interest rate assigned
  • Pay for verification of your address and credit history
  • Send the necessary documents for verification

After these four steps the loan application is sent to the platform and if accepted, in a maximum of 19 days will be in the account of the borrower.


What documents and requirements are needed?

To make the application, it is necessary to fit certain requirements and present some documents. They are few and will not take more than some minutes!

  • Valid bank details
  • Valid identification card
  • Bank statements



Quick Loans Online Loans FINT has some advantages that can be excellent for anyone who is looking for a personal loan, which is uncomplicated and has no large bureaucracies. Let’s take a quick look about these advantages:

  • It is safe and protected
  • Fixed and low interest rates (as low as 2% per month)
  • No guarantee required
  • No pre-payment fees
  • Easy and simple application without any headaches!
  • Money available in a maximum of 19 days
  • Great customer support


FINT – Some details about it

FINT is the first loan market in Nigeria and is also the main one. It has the goal of connecting lenders who are in search of high returns and borrowed loans who are in search of attractive personal loans and short-term or business loans.

It has a simple and transparent system, which makes the process fast and efficient. It stands out the experience in inclusion, qualification and service of high quality.

As company values, we can mention: innovation, excellence in service and products and leadership.


Useful Information

Website: https://fint.ng/borrow/

Telephone: 09082925456 (Whats app or Call) – Monday to Fridays – 9am/ 5pm

E-mail: support@fint.ng

For questions: : work@fint.ng

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