Mar 4, 2020
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FirstBank Classic Visa Credit Card – No annual fee!

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The FirstBank Classic Visa Credit Card can be a very interesting card for those who enjoy rewards. That’s because in the FirstCash rewards program you can choose between receiving 1% cash back from each purchase made or 1 point for every dollar spent. These points claim discounts on airfares, hotels, car rentals and others.

Let’s see below the fees and other advantages that this card offers!



The fees for the FirstBank Classic Visa Credit Card are as follows:

  • APR for purchases is null in the first 6 months and then goes to 17.5%
  • Percentage rate for transfer of balance = 20.15%- Percentage rate for cash transfer = 20.15%
  • Annual rate = 0.00%
  • International fee for balance transfer = 2.5% (minimum of US $ 2)
  • International rate for cash advance = 2.5% (minimum of US $ 2) 


The application

For the application you should visit one of the branches of the agency or contact by phone and email.



The advantages that the FirstBank Classic Visa Credit Card offers may be what you were looking for on a credit card. Let’s see what they are.

  • Background access 24/7
  • World Acceptance- Accessible
  • Safe- 24 hours service
  • Differentiated rewards programs


First Bank – Let’s know more about it

According to them, they are a  bank that stands out for financial stability, for having great employees and excellent clients. They have a strong commitment to a differentiated and friendly service, and loyalty to customers.


Useful Information


Telephone:: 1-800-964-3444



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