Feb 17, 2020
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Mkobo Personal Loan – Highly competitive rates

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The Mkobo Personal Loan is a loan that can be requested for different reasons, whether for wedding expenses, travel abroad, vacations, medical expenses, rent payment, family emergencies and others.

It is possible to borrow from N 51,000 to N 500,000, which must be repaid within a maximum of 6 months.

This is considered a responsible loan because they will analyze any other loan that the person already has as well as the purpose of the loan and also if the repayment can be made by the client. This is a way to ensure that the customer is on secure. Let’s know a little bit more about the Mkobo Personal Loan?



The corresponding fees are not available on the site, however it is highlighted that it is very competitive and that administration and processing fees are also interesting. These fees will be available after analyzing the amount to be borrowed, as well as the reason, the term and others.


The application 

The application should be made online by completing an application form or by phone and email. After receiving the request they contacted immediately and if accepted, the funds will be available in a maximum of 24 hours. Simple and easy!


What documents and requirements are needed?

  • To make the application, it is necessary to fit certain requirements and present some documents. Let’s see what they are!
  • Must have been in current employment for a minimum of 6 months
  • Must provide proof of employment and confirmed personal
  • Must provide a valid work ID
  • Must provide the last 3 months
  • Must provide a valid official identification (passport, driver’s license, national identity or voter card)
  • Must provide proof of address dated within the last 3 months
  • You must provide bank statements with the most recent 6 months
  • Must provide NUBAN checks to cover loan repayments
  • You may request a guarantor in some cases


Advantages – Mkobo Personal Loan

The Mkobo Personal Loan offers some interesting advantages for those who are in search of a personal loan.

  • It is safe
  • Low processing and administration fee
  • Highly competitive rates
  • Maximum loan term of 6 months
  • Refund via debit
  • Easy Application
  • No minimum monthly salary is required, but the payment must not exceed 33% of the monthly salary.


Mkobo – Some details about it

MKOBO is licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria and designed to help the needs of consumers who desire access to credit in an emergency.

It aims to provide innovative financial solutions that are transparent and honest through a simple and user-friendly system. The main values ​​of MKOBO are flexibility, integrity, innovation, transparency, responsibility, respect and collaboration.


Useful Information

Website: https://mkobo.com.ng/personal-loan/

Telephone: 0700-000-MKOBO

E-mail: info@mkobo.com.ng

If you prefer you can also make a live chat through the website! You will be taken care of by those who really understand the subject and are there to help you!


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