May 18, 2020
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Personal Loans Pennylender

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Personal Loans Pennylender is an excellent loan option for you that are in search of security and practicality. It is possible to borrow from N 10,000.00 to N500.000.00, which must be repaid within a maximum period of 6 months.

The application is simple and very fast! You can choose to apply through the website or over the phone. It is also very important to note that rates are calculated at risk, but they guarantee that it will be fair.

See below for more information on the Personal Loans Pennylender!


Rates – Personal Loans Pennylender

The rates for the Personal Loans Pennylender are calculated according to risk; however they ensure that it is fair. On the site there is a calculator for you to do simulations. If you want to borrow N 100,000, for example, in the period of 4 months, your monthly repayment will be N 31,000.


The application – Personal Loans Pennylender

The application for the Personal Loans Pennylender is very simple and fast! You can choose to make the application through the website or by phone. In either case you will need to provide some personal or financial information. The application is fast and money will be available in a short time. Hassle free! Ask your Personal Loans Pennylender today!


What documents and requirements are needed? – Personal Loans Pennylender

For the application of the Personal Loans´s necessary some documents and requirements are. They are very simple; you can rest assured that this will not be an impediment or a headache for you.



  • Bill (like water bill, por example)
  • Passport Photograph (must be recent)
  • Bank statement
  • Employment letter (if you prefer, can be promotion letter or contract review)



  • You must be in a paid employment
  • Be between 18 and 55 years old
  • Have an active salary account
  • Be resident in Lagos


Advantages – Personal Loans Pennylender

As there are different types of loans and also many companies that offer, it is very important to check what the advantages of each option. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of the Personal Loans Pennylender.

Money quickly available

– It is safe and recognized

– Highly competitive rates

– The program “Penny-Pyramid”

– Fixed Rate Payment

– Easy Application.

– Just some documentation and requirements

– You can borrow from N 10,000 to N500,000.00

–  It is possible to change the loan repayment date if the day of your salary is modified


Pennylender – Some details about it

Pennylender is a for-profit social enterprise that provides access to microcredit as well as financial education for people with low executive power and also for the financially excluded people of Africa.

They believe in financial inclusion and also in financial literacy! This sounds incredible, isn´t it? They aim to bring hope to families and shows them that´s is possible realize dreams.

Useful Information – Personal Loans Pennylender

Personal Loans Pennylender


If you prefer: on the website, you can send a message or talk with a specialist through the chat.

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