Apr 11, 2020
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Rosabon Credit Cash Back

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The Rosabon Credit Cash Back is a loan developed for Rosenban clients who need a loan, but do not want it to disrupt their investments, their goals or the savings plans, whether long or short term.

The repayment is usually between 3 and 10 months and it is possible to borrow up to N 1,500,000.00. If you are already a Rosabon Financial Services customer and are looking for a loan, the advantages of this are really very attractive!


Rates – Rosabon Credit Cash Back

However the rates are not specified on the website, it is noted that they are extremely low.

Although it is not possible to access the specific rate, we can do a simulations through the website. For example:  if you want to borrow the value of N 1,500,000.00, you will pay the value of N 252,924.75 per month for 6 months.


The application – Rosabon Credit Cash Back

The application can be done online or through the telephone. If you prefer it is also possible to visit one of the branches and make the application. The application is simple and the money will be available in a maximum of 48h after the approval.  


What documents and requirements are needed? – Rosabon Credit Cash Back

To make the application, it is necessary to fit certain requirements and present some documents. Let’s see what they are!

– Complete the registration form and customer information

– Provide 2 passport photographs

– Provide 2 valid forms of identification

– Updated bank statements of the company etc.

– You must be a Rosabon Finantial Service customer


Advantages – Rosabon Credit Cash Back

The Rosabon Credit Cash Back has some advantages that deserve to be highlights and that can really make a difference to anyone who is looking for a loan without this affecting the savings plans or financial goals and investments.

 – It is safe

– Highly competitive rates

– Flexible Reimbursement Plan

– Fixed Rate Payment

– Easy Application.


Rosabon Financial Services – Some details about it

Rosabon Finances Services is an award-winning company and is part of the concept group. It is licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria and has 23 years of experience in financial management, whether as loans or investments.

It has, first of all, the objective of making the customer 100% satisfied with the service. Its main values ​​are: excellence, integrity and professionalism.

It is a company that has won several awards and is highly recommended in Nigeria. Some awards were: Quality award of African financial services for best practices in equipment leasing, management of corporate ventures and treasury 2014, best financial consultancy for SMEs Nigeria, and others.



Useful Information

Telephone: +2348150880038, +2348150880039, +2348150991085, +2348150991086, +234150880082

E-mail:  clientservices@rosabon-finance.com

Address: 32, Montgomery Road, Sabo, Yaba, Lagos

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