Feb 17, 2020
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Rosabon Personal Lease Finance For Your Assets – Practical and fast process

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Rosabon Personal Lease Finance For Your Assets helps regulate cash flow, making the funds used for the most diverse occasions or financial priorities.

More than that, it is an opportunity for people to finance the lifestyle they want, having access to appliances, vehicles and others.

Payment must be made within 0-48 months.



The rates are not specified on the website, however, it is highlighted that they are extremely reduced and competitive.

Representative example: If you want to borrow the value of N 9,700,000.00 for 26 months, the amount to be paid monthly will be N 477.216,03. Of course this is just an estimate, but it is possible to get a better sense of the rates and values.


The application 

The application can be online, by phone, at one of the branch offices or by email. Do not have any headaches, the process is really fast and extremely safe.


What documents are needed?

For Rosabon Personal Finance Lease For Your Assets are required a little documentation and the process is very fast.

  • The required documentation is:
  • A passport photograph
  • Utility Account
  • Company profile
  • Applicant Identification Card
  • Employment Letter / Letter of Confirmation



Rosabon Personal Finance For Your Assets has some benefits and advantages that may be extremely relevant for anyone who is looking to regulate their cash flow. Let’s see what those advantages are.

  • Pass to the promotions and additional services that exist in the corporation
  • Security guarantee
  • Practical and fast process
  • Just some documentation required


Rosabon Financial Services – Some details about it

Rosabon Finances Services is an award-winning company and is part of the concept group. It is licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria and has 23 years of experience in financial management, whether as loans or investments.

It has, first of all, the objective of making the customer 100% satisfied with the service. Its main values ​​are: excellence, integrity and professionalism.

It is a company that has won several awards and is highly recommended in Nigeria. Some awards were: Quality award of African financial services for best practices in equipment leasing, management of corporate ventures and treasury 2014, best financial consultancy for SMEs Nigeria, and others.  


Useful Information

Telephone: +2348150880038, +2348150880039, +2348150991085, +2348150991086, +234150880082

E-mail:  clientservices@rosabon-finance.com

Address: 32, Montgomery Road, Sabo, Yaba, Lagos.

Praça Imperial, nº 24, Estrada Olu Obasanjo, Port Harcourt.

Lote 789a, primeiro andar, Edifício de Resseguro da Nigéria (em frente ao BoI), Caminho Herbert Macaulay, Distrito Central de Negócios, Abuja.

Suite 9, Eku Plaza, 128 Estrada Effurun / Sapele, Warri, Estado do Delta.

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