Sep 10, 2020
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Sparta Capital – Quick Loan for You

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The unexpected happens when you cannot afford having any unpleasant surprises. Home, health and car expenses just pop out of nowhere and you must somehow find a way to bear the costs. Worry not! The Sparta Capital Personal Loan is here to help you.

Uundesirable expenses would not be a very big of a problem if you were not cash and credit constrained. The more you talk to traditional lenders and people, more you realize that you are unable to obtain a loan that would actually help you. That is indeed frustrating.

Sparta Capital not only understands that but also have launched a lending service in Lagos and Abuja that you can tailor to your needs and understand the cost of upfront. You can get your personal loan without worries as Sparta Capital works with total transparency and focuses on your needs.


Borrow from ₦200.000 up to ₦ 2,000,000 with Sparta Capital Personal Loan!

The time has come for you to get rid of your finance problems. With Sparta Capital you will not trade a debt for another as the payment options are flexible and there is no pressure.

That said, you can finally put an end to all unpleasant situations that require quick money when you don’t have it.



It is very easy and quick to obtain your Personal Loan as their aim is to provide speedy approval of all loan applications.

  • Step 1

Complete the loan application form on the Sparta Capital website.

Be sure to provide accurate information and check if the required documentation is uploaded in the correct file formats.

  • Step 2

You will be contacted by a Sparta Capital representative to further instruct you on the fine details.

  • Step 3

Receive your money once your loan application is approved.

There is no need to fill hundreds of papers and wait for so many days that actually require you to get an even bigger loan. Sparta Capital Personal Loan can be quickly approved and put and end to your problems. 


Requirements you must meet:

  • A Bank statement for the last 6 months prior to the date of application
  • A Valid form of Identification such as ECOWAS passport, Driver’s License or Voters ID card.
  • A passport photograph.
  • NUBAN Compliant cheque book.
  • Guarantors form and cheque.
  • Evidence of expected funds borrowed against.

Feel free to contact Sparta Capital if you need further details about the eligibility criteria and how to get a loan in Lekki, Ikeja or Abuja.


Take control of your future with Sparta Capital Personal Loan!

An unsecured personal loan in Nigeria is exactly what you need to settle all your expenses for once and for all. As a plus, Sparta Capital Loans have very competitive rates and you can obtain your own personal loan for 12% a month.

Have the money you need. Fulfill your dreams and put an end to your problems. Sparta Capital will be by your side for every need!


Useful Information

Get your personal loan starting from ₦200,000 up to ₦2.000.000.

Lagos Office

Phone: 08090973898


Address: 8b Sola Oguntade Close, Off Durosimi-Etti, Lekki, Lagos

Abuja Office

Phone: 08090973904


Address: Plot 1207, FHA, Lugbe Layout, Airport Road, Abuja

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