Sep 19, 2020
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Standard Chartered – Up to 60 Months to Repay

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To get the most out of life you have to be prepared. With the Standard Chartered Personal Loan, you can obtain quick unsecured money to fit all your needs. Borrow up to NGN 10.000.000 and repay in multiple installments. 

Unexpected home, car and hospital expenses can get in your way anytime, and if you do not have the money to bear them, it is a good idea to solve the problem as quick as possible before it gets worse. For that, Standard Chartered offers a range of personal loans that can be repaid in up to 60 months – that’s right. You have 5 years to repay!

The greatest work opportunities also can show up without prior notice, so what are you going to do if you find out that you got to travel to another country in a week or two? Fulfill your dreams and put an end to your finance problems with Standard Chartered’s help. The flexible repayment options will surely make your life easier.


Borrow up to ₦ 10.000.000 with Standard Chartered Personal Loan!

You can easily apply to obtain your own personal loan in Nigeria. And do not worry, you will not be just trading one debt for another as Standard Chatered ensures that you can actually repay your loan in up to 5 years.



  • Completed application form;
  • Bank statements for the last 3 months;
  • Pay slips for the last 3 months;
  • Copy of driver’s license
  • International passport
  • National ID (or your voter’s card)
  • Letter of Awareness from your organization to domicile your salary through Standard Chartered Bank;
  • Important Information Documents (IID).

The Standard Chartered Personal Loan is a quick, easy-to-apply way of fulfilling your dreams and solving your finance problems without any worries. 


Requirements to obtain a loan:

  • Monthly net salary starting from NGN 75,000 (for Government Parastatals it’s NGN50,000);
  • Letter of confirmation from employer;
  • Valid identification document.



  • Management fee – 1%
  • Commitment fee – 1%
  • Late repayment fee (on any outstanding/unsettled amount after the 7 day grace period) – 1%
  • Renewal fee – 0.25% of top up amount
  • Early repayment fee – 5% of repaid amount

Whether to buy the car of your dreams, pay school fees or meet your needs, this is the perfect opportunity to get a loan without risking your finances health.

The requirements are easily met so that you can obtain all the money you need as quick as possible and find the most suitable repayment options. Make your life easier, solve your problems and live life to the max.


Take back control over your finances with Standard Chartered Personal Loan

Still have doubts? Feel free to visit their F.A.Q and have your questions answered in no time.

It is as easy as it seems. You can apply online by visiting their website. 

You can also contact Standard Chartered by dialing their phone numbers or by sending an e-mail.

Look for the useful information below to get more info and apply for a loan right now.


Useful Information

01 2704611 – 4

(when dialling in Nigeria)

+234 1 2704611 – 4

(when dialling from overseas)

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